Leithead, Dicy

Dicy Leithead
b: 3 FEB 1913
d: 13 JAN 1998
Burial date and place obtained from her funeral program. Funeral held Jan 17, 1998.

Exerpt from the book "The Surnames of Scotland: their origin, meaning and history" published by the New York public library in 1946

"Of local origin from the lands of Liehtead in the parish of Kirknewton, Midlothian (Leithesheid 1610, Leitheid 1621). The name occurs several times in the Edinburgh Marriage Records..."
  • 3 FEB 1913 - Birth - ; Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
  • 18 JAN 1998 - Burial - ; Anaconda, Montana
  • 13 JAN 1998 - Death - ; Basin, Big Horn, Wyoming
  • Cemetery - Sunset Memorial Gardens ; Anaconda, Montana
Ben Lomand Leithead Sr.
31 AUG 1858 - 15 DEC 1926
Ben Lomand Leithead Jr.
27 JAN 1885 - 7 FEB 1969
Eliza Ann Brinkerhoff
24 JAN 1861 - 7 FEB 1935
Dicy Leithead
3 FEB 1913 - 13 JAN 1998
William Wesley Willis
21 MAR 1859 - 5 DEC 1926
Jennie Willis
18 APR 1890 - 26 MAY 1966
Dicy Ray Perkins
13 JUL 1867 - 18 SEP 1910
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Ben Lomand Leithead Jr.
Birth27 JAN 1885Glendale, Kane, Utah
Death7 FEB 1969 Worland, Washakie, Wyoming
Marriage30 NOV 1909to Jennie Willis at Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
FatherBen Lomand Leithead Sr.
MotherEliza Ann Brinkerhoff
PARENT (F) Jennie Willis
Birth18 APR 1890Snowflake, Navajo, Arizona
Death26 MAY 1966 Columbus, Stillwater, Montana
Marriage30 NOV 1909to Ben Lomand Leithead Jr. at Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
FatherWilliam Wesley Willis
MotherDicy Ray Perkins
FDicy Leithead
Birth3 FEB 1913Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death13 JAN 1998Basin, Big Horn, Wyoming
Marriage9 MAY 1938to Clifford Berch Warner
MMilo Willis Leithead
Birth6 FEB 1911Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death18 APR 2000Worland, Washakie, Wyoming
Marriage9 JUN 1938to Lillian Idella Rita Arthur at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
MHorace Lomand Leithead
Birth5 FEB 1915Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death17 MAR 1997Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Tx
Marriage1 JAN 1941to Private at Washington D. C.
MWarren Willis Leithead
Birth11 JAN 1917Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death3 MAY 1993
FGeneva Leithead
Birth16 OCT 1918Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death15 OCT 2007, , Utah, USA
MAndrew Wesley Leithead
Birth16 NOV 1921Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death28 AUG 1991
Marriageto ?
MAlva Willis Leithead
Birth3 MAY 1923Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death7 MAR 1993Worland, Washakie, Wyoming
Marriage4 OCT 1955to Donna Savage
MChester Willis Leithead
Birth14 MAY 1925Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death15 MAY 1925
Marriage19 DEC 1945to Private at Billings, Yellowstone, Montana
MJames Willis Leithead
Birth9 JUN 1934Basin, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death9 MAR 1937Billings, Yellowstone, Montana
FIrene Leithead
Birth28 MAR 1931
Death29 SEP 2007
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Clifford Berch Warner
Birth9 MAY 1910Ten Sleep, Washakie, Wyoming
Death21 FEB 1981
Marriage9 MAY 1938to Dicy Leithead
FatherEzra Burchard Warner
MotherAubra Phillis Lynch
PARENT (F) Dicy Leithead
Birth3 FEB 1913Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming
Death13 JAN 1998 Basin, Big Horn, Wyoming
Marriage9 MAY 1938to Clifford Berch Warner
FatherBen Lomand Leithead Jr.
MotherJennie Willis
MLyle Warner
Birth4 MAY 1947Ten Sleep, Washakie, Wyoming, United States
Death25 JAN 2019Bismarck, Burleigh, North Dakota, United States
Marriageto Private
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Descendancy Chart
Dicy Leithead b: 3 FEB 1913 d: 13 JAN 1998
Clifford Berch Warner b: 9 MAY 1910 d: 21 FEB 1981
Lyle Warner b: 4 MAY 1947 d: 25 JAN 2019