Sill, Luce

Luce Sill
b: 1 DEC 1719
  • 1 DEC 1719 - Birth - ; Lyme, New London, Connecticut
  • Death - Y
Joseph Sill
ABT 1636 - 6 AUG 1696
Joseph Sill
6 JAN 1678 - 10 NOV 1765
Sarah Clark
18 FEB 1643 OR 18 FEB 1644 - 1 FEB 1714 OR 1 FEB 1715
Luce Sill
1 DEC 1719 -
Richard Lord
16 MAY 1647 - 27 APR 1727
Phebe Lord
1688 - 4 JAN 1772
Elizabeth Hyde
AUG 1660 - 22 JUL 1736
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Sill
Birth6 JAN 1678Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Death10 NOV 1765 Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Marriage1705to Phebe Lord at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
FatherJoseph Sill
MotherSarah Clark
PARENT (F) Phebe Lord
Birth1688Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
Death4 JAN 1772 Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
Marriage1705to Joseph Sill at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
FatherRichard Lord
MotherElizabeth Hyde
FElizabeth Sill
Birth20 NOV 1707Lyme, New London, Connecticut
MJohn Sill
Birth14 FEB 1709Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Marriage22 DEC 1731to ? at Bridgehampton, Connecticut
Marriage9 APR 1752to ? at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
Marriage22 SEP 1783to ?
FPhebe Sill
Birth10 FEB 1712 OR 10 FEB 1713Lyme, New London, Connecticut
MJoseph Sill
Birth25 APR 1715Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Death20 JAN 1782Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Marriage31 DEC 1747to Ruth Matson at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
MElijah Sill
Birth6 NOV 1724Lyme, New London, Connecticut
FLuce Sill
Birth1 FEB 1705
FLuce Sill
Birth1 DEC 1719Lyme, New London, Connecticut
MJabez Sill
Birth4 AUG 1722
Marriage28 DEC 1749to ? at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
MRichard Sill
Birth4 AUG 1722Lyme, New London, Connecticut
FSarah Sill
Birth2 JAN 1727 OR 2 JAN 1728Lyme, New London, Connecticut
MThomas Sill
Birth25 AUG 1717Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Death1760Lyme, New London, Connecticut
Marriage6 MAY 1742to ? at Lyme, New London County, Connecticut
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