Warner Group ID

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  1. Mike Willard says:

    Hi from Wyoming, I know for certain that the shorter woman in the dark dress is my Grandmother Aubra Warner, kneeling below her in the black swimming suit is my mother Joyce Warner-Willard. And the dark haired woman on the right is my Aunt Gertrude Warner (she was married to Harold ‘Hap’ Warner, son of Aubra and brother to Joyce Warner-Willard. I believe Francis is in the flowered dress

  2. Sav Ashby says:

    Thanks for chiming in! I’ll put an update for that. Glad that you found the website already. I’m excited to have everyone contributing.

  3. Alison Sowar says:

    I am Bertha’s great niece and I have a picture of her when she was about 20. It is such a pretty picture. It may help you identify her. I live in Va. and my grandfather Clarence Switzer was her only half brother. I am excited to see possible pictures of her and Laird Warner! He sounded very interesting!!!

    • Sav Ashby says:

      So glad you are here! I would love to have a copy of that photo if you are willing to share. If you will email us through the contact form, we can chat back and forth. I’d rather not drop my personal email right here is the general comments 🙂 I’m hoping to get some pic attached to individual records soon so that sounds like it would be perfect.

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