Welcome to the Family!

We are a mother/daughter team working to put together a site for family to collaborate on our overgrown family tree.  Because there sure is a lot of family out there!

Clifford & Dicy Warner

Clifford and Dicy Warner

Coy & Iva June Courts

Coy and Iva June Courts

Here is where you will find the ancestry of these two beautiful couples. We have family trees and facts but also stories and photos that bring our ancestors to life. Because just a name on a paper is not really what we are looking for is it?

Recent Updates

Dicy Leithead and 2 Unidentified Women

I love this happy picture of Dicy. Most older pictures they look so serious. But in life she usually had ...
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Berch Warner & Aubra Lynch Marriage Certificate

A copy of the original Wyoming Marriage certificate of Berch Warner and Aubra Lynch. The stamp on the back said ...
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The Family History Stash is Here!

Look at this, look at this!! I'm a wee bit giddy over here over this stack of papers. You can't ...
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Chapter 2 – Wyoming Echoes

Besides our dog and a couple of cats, we children acquired other pets.  Perhaps because we had several milk cows ...
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Tracey Nolan Courts in WWII

A military man from the family who didn't come home was Tracey Nolan Courts. Newspaper clipping about Tracey Courts' death ...
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Clifford Warner in WWII

I've been thinking about our family's military service this Memorial Day weekend. It is a source of pride and heartbreak ...
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