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Welcome back! Here’s what’s new and what’s gone :'(

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Well hello hello! Glad to see you back here.

After some serious technical difficulties and cursing at the gods of internet backups, we are back but without our former site and content.

So we’re starting a bit from scratch here but I’m looking at this as an opportunity to make things even better. Here’s what I’m planning.

1st – change in focus

Previously I had many pages of family tree on here. Thousands of them. They ported in from my family history software but it was still a lot to maintain.

Now I’ll leave the family tree up to the experts and focus more on the stuff we actually want to see which are stories, photos, and interactive elements. I really want to make this history come alive.

If I refer to a person or a family tree specifically, I am using That is where I have added my research and work (plus accounts are free!) so I’m not going to spend my time keeping charts and such updated here. I suggest making an account there because it has amazing resources!

2nd – more publicly (that’s you!) sourced content

I’ve got a lot of family history stuff. Like, so much stuff! And I’m going to put up as much of it as I can so everyone else can enjoy it as well.

However, I know there are still so many funny stories, photos stored in dusty boxes, and other amazing things to unearth. I’m working on a way to easily collect those from you to share so be on the lookout for that.

3rd – interactive and combined resources

I love to look through random stories, pictures, and letters BUT how about using all this family history goodness to make a narrative?

Well that is more of a focus for me going forward. At our last Warner/Munsell reunion, a map of the family journey across the country was a huge hit! This is what I want to create. Interactive and synthesized resources that really bring the family to life and help us understand their relation to us.

So I’m glad you are all here and hope this new focus will bring us all a little closer together. And I promise that the website will be safely backup up from here on out 👌

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